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The Key to Program Utilization, Visibility,
Wellness Promotion,and Productivity
WorkLife ExcelTM
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  • Inspire Your Employees and Help the Bottom Line
  • Market Your Health or Wellness Program!
  • Promote Your Private Practice!

What you can do with WorkLife Excel ...
  • Keep employees focused on work-life balance and productivity
  • Help the organization manage stress
  • Improve work teams
  • Promote a respectful workplace and improve coworker relationships
  • Give safety tips to your employees
  • Give employees hot tips on pleasing customers
  • Motivate employees to get help for personal problems that interfere with productivity by using any available organizational helping resources.
  • Help employees achieve goals
  • Provide tips to employees on improving relationships with their supervisors
  • Help employees boost personal performance
  • Help employees avoid behaviors before and after injuries that drive workers compensation costs up
  • Provide work-life tips gathered from current health research reports in the news
  • Help employees improve family life
  • Help employees cope with personal crisis and violence
  • Know your employees are thankful for the organization caring about them
  • BONUS: Use the unique WorkLife Excel "Hotline" to request topics for future issues to meet the needs of your workforce.
Prices effective March 15, 2007. Minimum order for print is 25 employees/readers. Minimum order for digital/electronic only is 10 employees/readers.
WorkLife ExcelTM
Health, Wellness...and Productivity Workforce Newsletter

A breakthrough in work-life newsletters: It's not just for employees, but for the whole organization's well-being. Articles target issues in the workplace that employees face, but issues that also concern management--issues that helping professionals and workplace coaching pros intervene with daily.

These issues include stress, the effect of downsizing on the individual, coworker conflicts, building a better relationship with one's supervisor, dealing with family struggles, managing a teenager crisis at home, improving productivity and managing personal performance, building a better team, reducing workers compensation costs, improving respectful behavior in the workplace, improving communication, avoiding risky behaviors that jeopardizes the organization's well-being, becoming a better customer service employee, and much more.

12 monthly issues (not just every quarter!) Two pages. Color. Delivered folded or flat, along with an accompanying electronic Adobe-readable PDF for unrestricted organization-wide use. No linking to an outside Web site. A special hotline link at permits subscriber input on desired topics for future issues.

Priced according to the number of employees in your organization(s). Customized imprinting of your organization's helping resource phone number (employee assistance program, etc.) is available.

Our Guarantee: When you purchase WorkLife ExcelTM, your employees will be excited and they will benefit from each issue. You will see a direct link between its articles and how they can help your bottom line. If not, or if for any reason you feel that WorkLife Excel is not for you, we will gladly refund the unused portion of your subscription.

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You will also receive a link to your second and/or subsequent issues. You may post the newsletter on your Web site for internal use only if it is protected with a password, or you may e-mail the publication internally to your employees. We will arrange a discounted price if you only need paper copies for a certain percentage of your workforce. Contact us if you have any questions at

When you continue with your subscription, we will send the number of paper copies you requested for your workforce each month.

Contact us if you have any questions at 1-800-626-4327.
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