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Supervisor Training PowerPoint or Course
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All 14 leadership/supervisory skills for this product (four different media formats are available) are on your left. Skills shown are complete and unabridged. They are available for purchase by human resource managers individually or as a discounted group. Pricing and other information is on your right.
DESCRIPTION: This is a 14-Part Leadership/Supervisory Skills Training product to instill critical skills--skills that all supervisory personnel should know. The program is available in five formats: Power Point, Online Videos, Self-play CDs, DVDs, and Web Course with Certificate. The ideal use is on your internal company website where supervisory personnel can go 24/7 to get precisely what they need to help them deal with a specific issue or need. Sold as a package or skills sold individually. Editable and "brandable" with your logo.
  • Improve the productivity of supervisors and managers
  • Experience fewer headaches from grievances and complaints that employees bring to top management or the human resources office due to problematic relationships with supervisors
  • Encourage new supervisory skills development and reduced risk of employment claims, wrongful termination, and wrongful discipline
  • Improve supervisors' ability to act earlier when problems emerge, consult properly with your department or the EAP, and keep top management informed of critical issues
  • Demonstrate that your managers were trained and that your organization exercised responsibility for training supervisors to reduce legal claims and charges of wrongdoing in the treatment of employees.
  • Help supervisors and managers brush-up on key skills and learn new ones
  • From your website, train supervisors and managers 24/7 "on the fly"
  • From your Web site, e-mail any course link to one manager who needs help, or every manager in your organization.
  • Train struggling managers with performance issues and problematic supervision styles
  • Reduce stress and fear among supervisors due to inadequate training  or inexperience, especially new supervisors
  • Improve employee productivity because of better trained supervisors
  • Train new supervisors faster--get them up to speed and meet your training goals fast
  • Improve your HR skills and ability to coach supervisors—and improve your value as an internal consultant with the supervisor training knowledge packed into these modules
  • Reduce risk of employment practices liability from the missteps and ignorance characteristic of many managers, especially new managers
  • Improve your EAP, HR department, or other department's ability to help managers by broadening the scope of services and education you offer
Supervisor Training Skills and Options
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