Ask Yourself--Why Shouldn't  Suicide Prevention Be On Every Web Site? . . . .
It Should.

This is the new Suicide Prevention Program in Flash (also other formats.) Once purchased, anyone will be able to view it from your web site. It is easily uploaded by your web tech person. You also receive a self-play CD for table top use. Your purchase includes free placement of your logo on the first page so it's seamless. The program runs 11 to 12 minutes. You may preview the program by clicking the "Preview Link" below. Follow the instructions to purchase, or phone me at 1-800-626-4327 to learn more. Your purchase includes a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. (Seriously, you won't find something like this anywhere. And it's going to be on of the most responsible value-added, life saving additions you have ever made to your web site.) See below for the really exciting things these Flash movie modules can do for your program.
Time: 11 Minutes; Six available formats produced from dynamic PowerPoint with sound/animation. Use the shopping cart to request the specific format you want).
Price: Starting at $395 depending on format,
plus ($15 S/H)

Requirements: You must have a password protected page on your web site to operate this program in Flash or Web Course. Your web master can easily establish one.
       How to Purchase:
What this Product Will Do for You:
  • Save lives -- this topic should be on every EAP web site
  • Demonstrates that your program is on top of a key problem facing employees and society
  • Professional appearance improves EAP image
  • Instantly adds more value to your program or service
  • Increases EAP utilization--program advocates use of the EAP
  • Shows technological capability of your web site
  • Adding content for your web site makes it interactive and improves your ability to market your program
  • Improve your web site's return on investment
  • Save money and time on training while reaching more people
  • Show customers frequency of use and better prove your worth
  • Add a prevention service with less expense and gain free time for other important program needs
  • Train and educate 24 hours a day
  • Reach family members, use the accompanying CD at health fairs (you get two ways to train because CD "self-plays".)
  • E-mail the start link to clients, interested persons, or groups.
  • Train employees in the field or away from the employer's location
  • Seamless appearance with your logo prominently placed on first slide.
  • Start a library of value-added web content from and make this one your first!
  • Only $395 and you own the program. No linking to
After clicking "Preview", wait for Flash to load. It might be slow if a lot of EA and HR professionals are viewing it. Refresh screen if needed. Still need help? Phone Dan at 1-800-626-4327 or e-mail me at:
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See Below: "What this Program Will Do for You"
Suicide Prevention Flash for Web Site
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