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DOT DVD of Reasonable Suspicion Training
Daniel A. Feerst, LISW-CP

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DOT Training and DOT Supervisor Training Course
"This reasonable suspicion training program for supervisors was easy for me to modify to meet my needs today—exactly what I was looking for. I needed to develop a course quickly, but I didn't want to kill myself doing it. The content was well developed and broad enough that I could adjust the run time by dropping a few slides rather than having to add slides to make it longer. Thanks!"

Cliff McPherson,
Panhandle Energy,
Houston, TX
Your Choices for Reasonable Suspicion Training:
  • Web Course/Online for DOT and Non-DOT: Unique to us only, this is not a fee-based, per user, or subscription web-based program. Not at all. You own it. It's on your web site. You control it. You pay only once. There is no linking to us. Your web course includes sign-in for learner; dated and personalized Certificate of Completion, 35 test questions, "stop-bookmark-and-return" capability for interrupted training, pop-up printable handouts including your policies if you like, your logo at the beginning of the course, professional audio narrated content, and a complete learner controlled experience. The program applies to DOT or Non-DOT requirements for supervisor training in substance. You can request a link from us and we will send the product via email link to you to inspect. Click here and follow instructions or phone 1-800-626-4327  
  • PowerPoint with Sound and No Sound: You get both formats with one purchase. One CD contains the PowerPoint Show for automatic play in a laptop, etc. You also get the no-sound format for live training that includes a trainer's with the script of the live version to match slides. The PowerPoint Show plays with MS PowerPoint 2003 or newer. It includes reproducible, editable fact sheets for student reading, distribution, and discussion.
Flash Movie & Flash Self-play CD: You get both formats. CD contains Flash movie for one-click play operation on your Web site. CD is portable and will also self-play. Includes comprehensive drug-and-alcohol education module. We also supply with seven powerful fact sheet PDFs. Place these on your password protected web site for easy downloading by learners.
  • DVD of Flash Movie (above): This format is for standard DVD Player. Fact sheets for distribution/discussion are include like above. Includes handouts for learners.
When you purchase this product, you own it completely. Whether it's the Web course format for reaching employees far away and proving they were trained, the Flash format for one-button operation on your Web site, the DVD player format, or the PowerPoints with instructor's guide.

There are no "per employee fees". We'll insert your logo into the course or modify content if you wish for a low, reasonable fee. We will add your organization's special handouts in the right spot—policy, procedural steps for supervisors, etc.
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Overview: Choose from multiple formats, but our comprehensive Web Course with proof of Certification for each learner makes us the only company with a one-price easy-to-use product that you own. Train supervisors in reasonable suspicion without signing into our server. It's yours to keep. It all happens from your internal or externally accessible Web site. (Password protection required if you place it on you externally accessible Web site.)

Upload the course to your Web site and your done. It' takes only minutes.
Totally escape "per-user" fees and associated hassles. Get everything up and running within minutes of its arrival. Phone 1-800-626-4327 and we will try to mail it today.

Reach Every Supervisor: Work less to achieve your training goals. In theory, you could send an e-mail with the link to every supervisor at ONE TIME in your company; instruct them to complete the training; and have Certificates in hand from every supervisor the same day. (We are the ONLY company that can make this possible.) Other formats include DVD, PowerPoint, PowerPoint/Sound Show, and a Flash file movie for your Web site.

Pay One Price and own the course in any format. With the Web course, there is no linking to us. No log-ins. Everything comes on the CD. And we can add your PDFs--policies other important handouts and documents.

When you receive the CD, simply upload the program to your Web site and you're done. The Web course format includes one-step, easy instructions. There is no learning curve. No frustrations. Nothing technical that you won't be able explain to your "tech guy". Click to see a bit of the
Reasonable Suspicion Web Course now.

What's Included?: The Reasonable Suspicion Web course includes handouts, printable pages, test questions, and a scored, personalized, date-stamped Certificate of Completion for the learner. (The other formats contain handouts and instructor's guides.) The certificate can be printed or e-mailed to the human resources manager, safety manager, or other course administrator. Order now or get a full preview with a 100% absolute, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. Simply check "Free Preview" on shopping cart.

Buy What You Need: Do need alcohol and drug education and general education with your reasonable suspicion training program? If so, get the alcohol and drug add-on module. You'll meet the two hour DOT training requirement for supervisor alcohol and drug education.
Flexibility: Learners complete the web course from their computer which is on your Web site. The CD will also operate independently, and you can duplicate it for your company's use. There is no extra charge. Interrupted training can be continued where the learner left off by using the course's "Save" and "Return" buttons.

More Flexibility: Add your own tips sheets, policies, or handouts. Simply e-mail them to us at the time of purchase or later after preview and we will insert them in an appropriate spot.

Stop-Bookmark-Return: Web course includes buttons to "bookmark" and return if the student is interrupted during training.

Seamless: We can also add your logo on the front slide. See an example of the front page from another customer's reasonable suspicion training web course here.

Adaptable and Scalable: Use this course within your existing learning management system (LMS). Need SCORM or another format? We have nearly every one. We will run it for compatibility--and there is no extra charge.

Use immediately: Upon arrival the CD is ready to go right out of the package. Give the it to your Web technology staff and you're in business. Your next step is e-mailing the start link to one supervisor or all.

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Reasonable suspicion applies to teachers, too.
Many industries are not covered by the DOT, but they are covered by reasonable suspicion testing policies. What about your organization?