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A Customizable, Editable, On-Time, Professionally Written, Employee Newsletter with the Options You Want for a Low Price.

An easy-to-use, customized, workplace newsletter that you can edit or rename--the one used by thousands of companies who swear by it.

Get out of "Newsletter Prison".

I was assigned the burden of producing a monthly two-page newsletter for this large county government and school system--along with my counseling duties.

The task consumed so much of my time that I couldn’t get my other work done. Every month I was bogged down writing the employee newsletter.

This is called "trapped in newsletter prison"!

Thinking about content each month; writing the articles; getting them proofed, printed, and distributed — and then starting all over again for the next month was a D-R-A-G.

This Solution has Made Subscribers
Pinch Themselves in Total Disbelief

Then the solution came in the night (seriously.) I would write the newsletter on my own time and give it to my employer for free. But in return, I would offer it to other EAPs, HR managers, and companies like yours.

It was a win-win.

They got what they wanted, and I was able to create a solution so you would not have to buy a “canned” newsletter that you couldn't control, or that was written by a non-expert, untrained, free-lance writer--phooey!

My former employer (Arlington County government and public school system in Arlington, VA) now subscribes to FrontLine Employee and has done so since I launched it on my own in 2001. You can phone them if you wish to check me out -- 703-228-8723 -- and verify every word on this page.

Here is why they love it, and why all my subscribers do to.
  • It’s e-mailed on time (a week early), ready to distribute with a hard copy sent for your records, if desired.
  • You get your “OWN” newsletter and your own title if you desire. You can change or alter any content and you don't have to keep my copyright. You can insert your own articles and pictures.
  • You can copy and distribute it to all employees and family members. You can create a PDF and e-mail it to employees or customers.
  • You can put it on a password protected Web site.
  • You can use the text from articles any way you wish, even if you already have a newsletter and are just looking for a great article sourcing company.
Today, thousands of companies and hundreds of employee assistance programs subscribe to FrontLine Employee. Nearly five million employees read it EACH MONTH. And FrontLine Employee is available in Spanish.

As you might guess, the renewal rate for FrontLine Employee is phenomenal because I have taken the pain out of EAP newsletter programs. That includes offering a flat rate price for small, medium, and large employers.

That’s what I promise to do for you. Everything I've discussed above is yours with FrontLine Employee. But there is more.

Here’s How It Works

Each month, FrontLine Employee comes in an e-mail attachment directly to you. No complicated downloading, linking to my Web site, or seeing my copyright and secret self-serving promotional links on your newsletter. It's totally yours. Others companies do that, but not me.

With me, you get the real deal. It’s as seamless as you can get.

FrontLine Employee arrives about 7 days before the first of the month. Relax, because you will have plenty of time to distribute it. And I have never been a day late in the 15 years I have been publishing newsletters.

You also get an optional hard copy if you need it for your records.

Your newsletter is ready to go. If you wish, I can set up your logo on the nameplate without charge. And if you ask me to use a unique name, it will appear at the top. (Remember, you will still be able to change anything in the newsletter.) I prepare your logo on the newsletter, if you wish to have one, and I do it for free.

Now, the Really Cool Part . . .

Your newsletter is sent to you in MS Word or MS Publisher™, the most common AND SIMPLE desktop publishing software programs on the planet. You probably have both already.

You can also get FrontLine Employee in MS Word-text only for your existing newsletter, MS Word with Graphics, MS Publisher 98 - 2007, PDF, or a PDF with your name, phone, logo, already done for you.

Just remember, however, that you don’t have to do a thing. FrontLine Employee is ready to go.

Here’s the key point: Everything — text, graphics, pictures — even the name of the publication — is subject to change by you!

FrontLine Employee is two pages, not four. That’s because I discovered a long time ago that employees don’t read four-page EAP newsletters. It's too much text!

You need frequency, not quantity. That is another secret to educating employees, promoting your employee assistance program, or education in general--frequency, not quantity.

However with a monthly two page newsletter, you receive 50% more readable content per year than a 4-page quarterly newsletter. Plus, quarterly newsletters make your program "second class citizen" competing against other programs in the organization. You're an afterthought and an infrequent newsletter shouts this out!

With FrontLine Employee, your Employee Assistance Program, human resources program, or your health clinic, etc. comes to life. You won't be forgotten. All of a sudden, you are talked about, referred to, and overnight become more central to the organization’s work culture with FrontLine Employee's help.

No Other Newsletter Does This Except
FrontLine Employee

I use my industrial, workplace, and clinical experience to generate powerful and meaningful content for readers. No trivia, recipes, pulled quotes and long-winded articles, or space-filling cartoons.

You will get short, powerful, meaningful, punchy, easy-to-read articles that help employees reduce behavioral risk and have a positive effect on morale.

I write with the idea of increasing your program's utilization and making it worth more and be recognized as indispensable! And, frankly, it should be. If you are a provider of services to many companies, feel free to charge a small fee to have other companies help pay for FrontLine Employee. That way everyone wins.

You need to know that I have the qualifications under my belt, but I also have something that you don’t have — time to write a newsletter.

The articles in FrontLine Employee are so well-received, that they are used solely in the work-life-productivity newsletter distributed to the 12,000 employees of the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Small Business Administration headquarters in Washington, DC., and the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I didn’t go to these work organizations. They came to me. You can take that as a guarantee that I will work hard for you too.

What’s in FrontLine Employee Articles?

During the year, FrontLine Employee focuses on 12 major
topics, shown below, that I have identified from my experience as key to business and employee productivity:
  • 1) Improving Coworker Relationships
  • 2) On-the-job Worker Productivity Tips
  • 3) Balancing Work, Family, Home, and Community
  • 4) Improving Personal Fitness and Effectiveness
  • 5) Alcohol and Drug Education, Recovery, & Intervention
  • 6) Team Building
  • 7) What the EAP Can Do for You
  • 8) Hot Work-Life Topics in the News
  • 9) Stress Management Tips
  • 10) Improving the Relationship with Your Supervisor
  • 11) Workplace Safety, Injury Prevention, and Recovery
  • 12) Customer Service
Tell Me What You Want In Your Newsletter

When you subscribe to FrontLine Employee you will have access to my exclusive “subscriber’s hotline.” Use it to suggest topics you want me to consider — topics that reflect key concerns among your employees.

These requests get the first priority and receive the strongest consideration in my article planning. I want your ideas, because if they are important to you, then other companies probably have the same concerns. What better way is there to meet your needs? This will please management or your corporate customers more than anything else a newsletter can do.

For example, if employees are worried about downsizing, I will write an article about coping with uncertainty and facing the future of potential job loss, etc.

I'm Reachable and
I Will Take Time to Help You.

When you subscribe to FrontLine Employee, I am only a toll free phone call away at 1-800-626-4327.

I will help you make the most of FrontLine
Employee, answer questions, and give you tips to maximize its power. If you need something special, just ask. Maybe you need an article on a specific topic--call me. I have written thousands of articles, and I probably have the topic you want to fit the precise space in your newsletter.

I love talking to EAPs, and my phone answers 24 hours a day. I might just be working late and answer my own phone. I have a reputation for helping my subscribers
like no one else. And I always go the extra mile.

Do You Only Need Content for Your Existing Newsletter?

What if you don't need FrontLine Employee because you already have a newsletter? Maybe you just need the articles so you don't have to bang your head trying to think of article content.

No problem -- use FrontLine Employee as an article content service!

Many subscribers only use the articles to save themselves the time and aggravation of trying to generate meaningful content. Those stressful days are over with FrontLine Employee. And you do not have to use my copyright in your newsletter as long as your newsletter is on a password protected site your distribute internally.

I only ask that you not post FrontLine Employee newsletter content on a Web site accessible without a password from the World Wide Web.

I hope you are getting a feel for how truly unique FrontLine Employee is for any business, but here is a FREE BONUS.

(Reg. $197 plus $15 Shipping)

When you become a paying subscribe to FrontLine Employee, I will e-mail you a set of my one-of-a-kind, professionally authored, reproducible and editable workplace wellness tip sheets--my most popular topics.
  • Balancing Work and Family(Get this one now!)
  • Understanding Depression
  • Managing Your Anger
  • Dealing with Debt and Credit Problems
  • Give Couples Counseling a Try
  • When You Experience a Traumatic Event
  • Tips for Parenting Teens
  • Assertiveness Skills
  • Resolving Coworker Conflicts
  • Adult Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Violence in the Workplace
  • Thinking about Your Drinking
  • Coping with the Blues
  • Thinking About Psychotherapy
  • Codependency: Caring Until It Hurts
These are truly special. You will use them all the time. There isn't anything like them available anywhere or from anyone. I am the only author of this type of product.

You have my permission to copy and distribute these professionally authored tip sheets, fact sheets, and handouts to your employees and their family members without limitation. Use them in your clinic, lobby, or safety office. Put them in your literature rack, use them at health fairs, or keep them at your fingertips for clients, patients, or employee training.

You can put your name and phone number on them. You can add your own ideas to them. You receive all three formats--PDF, MS Word, and MS Publisher.

******** No Quibbles 100% Money-Back Guarantee *********
I guarantee that your employees or corporate customers and decision makers will love FrontLine Employee starting with the first issue. If at any time you decide that FrontLine Employee is not everything I promised, or if for any reason you honestly wish to cancel, I will refund your entire payment for ONE FULL YEAR. No quibbles. No hassles.
Once you see what FrontLine Employee can do for your employees and your program, I believe that you will never cancel. There is an order button on bottom of this page. Simply click on it and I will start your subscription right away. You don't have to pay now.

You can also fax your order or phone me at my desk at 1-800-626-4327 and forget the paper work! (It's easier, chances are I will answer my own phone.)

Remember, if for any reason FrontLine Employee does not thrill you, your corporate customers, and their employees, then I will instantly refund the entire amount you paid for your subscription. No ifs, ands, or buts for up to a full year!

Yours truly,

Daniel A. Feerst, MSW, LISW-CP
Licensed Independent Social Worker, Clinical Practice

P.S. REMINDER: Don’t forget, become a paying subscriber and get my most popular group of reproducible, editable, and e-mailable fact sheets FREE worth $200! I will e-mail them directly to you!