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Attention-getting, information-packed, workplace wellness and mental health fact sheets--for employees, patients, clients, and consumers. Each one includes PDF, MS Word, and MS Publisher formats. Each is printed on glossy paper in color and recorded on a CD. Use immediately, or edit and add your own expertise. Imprint your name, brand them as your own for internal or official customer use. Get three fact sheets free with each group purchase. If you have any trouble with the shopping cart within this section of the web site, print order forms from links shown and FAX TO 843-884-0442! Questions? Phone us at 1-800-626-4327.
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E016 What to Do about a Negative Performance Review
WHAT: Helps clients focus on the positive and move forward with better success.
WHERE TO USE: Counseling sessions, waiting rooms
E017 Sticking with Your Recovery Program from Addictive Disease
WHAT: Essentials that every recovering person needs to know but often takes years to discover in recovery.
WHERE TO USE: Counseling sessions, health fairs, workshops, promotion, waiting rooms.
E018 Internet Addiction: Caught in the Web
WHAT: Awareness about the high risk of Internet addiction, with warning signs and more.
WHERE TO USE: Health fairs, client counseling sessions, EAP waiting areas.
E019 Workplace Injuries: Stress and Recovery
WHAT: After injury comes the risk of depression, conflict at home and with coworkers, and risk of further injury.
WHERE TO USE: Mail to clients, provide in client sessions during follow-up after injuries to help reduce workers’ compensation costs.
E020 When There's Talk of Suicide
WHAT: Understanding suicide facts, risks, and prevention. Dos and don’ts, taking action, helping a friend.
WHERE TO USE: Counseling sessions, health fairs, waiting rooms.
E021 Living Life as a Shift Worker
WHAT: Special issues and stressors associated with shift work and how to tackle them.
WHERE TO USE: Health fairs, counseling sessions, waiting rooms, stress management presentations to shift workers.
E022 When You're a Victim of Domestic Violence
WHAT: Defines domestic abuse, increases awareness, what to do.
WHERE TO USE: Health fairs, client sessions, post-treatment follow-up.
E023 Facing and Stopping Compulsive Eating
WHAT: Describes this serious health problem, symptoms, and hope for change
WHERE TO USE: Counseling sessions, health fairs, workshops, promotion, waiting rooms.
E024 Manage Stress Right Now
WHAT: Ten practical tips anyone can use to manage stress and feel rejuvenated.
WHERE TO USE: Client sessions, health fairs, waiting rooms.
E025 Making Holidays More Positive
WHAT: A handout for those who suffer in silence. Issues, tips, getting positive, coping effectively with the holiday experience.
WHERE TO USE: Client sessions and presentations, brown-bag seminars.
E026 Dealing with Workplace Negativity
WHAT: One of the most requested subjects. Sources of negativity and how to head it off at the pass. Some rules, some tips, and a few tricks on reducing negativity and contagion.
WHERE TO USE: brown-bag seminars, health fairs, group conflict intervention.
E027 When Organizational Change Affects You

WHAT: Understanding organizational change, preparing for downsizing, action steps, planning ahead.
WHERE TO USE: presentations and seminars, counseling sessions.
E028 Preventing and Stopping Sexual Harassment
WHAT: Sexual harassment defined, prevention steps, the importance of stopping inappropriate behavior, that “no” means “no,” what to do, where to go for help
WHERE TO USE: presentations, client sessions, waiting rooms.
E029 Improving Your Relationship with the Boss
WHAT: Do you have an effective relationship with your supervisor? If not, here’s how to improve your chances of getting it.
WHERE TO USE: client counseling sessions, presentations and seminars.
E030 Military Deployment Stress
WHAT: Helps clients deal with military-deployment stress, provides tips on coping and remaining positive.
WHERE TO USE: health fairs, client sessions, waiting rooms.
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