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This Employee Newsletter or EAP Newsletter Helps Employees Manage Stress, and It Keeps You Out of the Grind of Producing Your Own Employee Newsletter.
FrontLine Employee is editable, and can be customized, copied, and easily distributed by you.
"Absolutely! You can use my comments as a testimonial for your Web site. I am thrilled with FrontLine Employee. It is an excellent resource for all my employees."

Elizabeth Robinson, Manager
University of Connecticut Health Center

I designed and created a powerful employee newsletter so you could support and help preserve your most valuable resource—employees.

FrontLine Employee promotes health and encourages employees to be proactive in dealing with personal issues in their lives. These are the issues that do not remain at the front door when employees arrive at work.

FrontLine Employee is two pages. It's monthly. And it's ready to go upon arrival. It's packed with punchy, short articles. It helps employees tackle stress, life problems, and family issues. And it also helps increase productivity.

FrontLine Employee hits all the bases.

From teenager troubles to dealing with difficult people, to learning about exercising tips and treating depression, your employees will hang on every word. Every issue is also packed with workplace productivity tips and effective workplace communication advice.

With one annual subscription rate to FrontLine Employee that equals about $1.91 a day, you can reach every employee in your organization—no matter how many employees you have--and no matter where they are.
Daniel Feerst, LISW-CP, author and
publisher of the FrontLine Employee newsletter and author of the newsletter distributed to the U.S. Congress. Dan Feerst is the most widely read industrial social worker author in the United States with over 4 million newsletter readers monthly.
"By the way, emailing FrontLine Employee is GREAT. So easy to edit, turnaround, and send. Thanks for your help. Happy Thanksgiving."
Sue Kerner
Southern New Hampshire Medical Center
Nashua, New Hampshire
If you subscribe today, I will give your employees a stress management PowerPoint Movie DVD I normally offer for $595. It's yours free, even if you decide to cancel later. This movie will play on any standard DVD player, but you will also have a "self-play" option for any computer, along with a set of files so you can actually upload it to your web site.

I am giving away this expensive product because I know you and your employees will love FrontLine Employee. That means you will very likely renew. Many subscribers to my newsletters have renewed for 14 years and longer. My goal is to get FrontLine Employee into your hands. Once I do that, like almost all subscribers, I don't think that you will give it up.

So, read on, and decide to purchase today online or just give me a call to start your subscription. My number is 1-800-626-4327. I answer my own phone.
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At the very least, keep reading to learn how you can get a FREE trial subscription to FrontLine Employee at no cost or obligation.

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I am going to give you overwhelming value to capture you as a subscriber and lifelong customer!
"The FrontLine Employee makes me look like a genius!! All of our client companies love the publication, please don't ever stop publishing it. I could never do it on my own."

Bill Hoey, LCSW, CEAP
Family Services Woodfield
Bridgeport, CT
"After downsizing, right-sizing, or whatever, I now provide direct services to over 10,000 employees. FrontLine Employee enables me to easily have a newsletter. It is a most valuable tool."

Ken Seaton, Civilian Employee Assistance Program Administrator
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
Bremerton, Washington
Free Trial to Work Life Newsletter
Get Your Life Back with a User-Friendly Newsletter
Have you have ever produced your own in-house newsletter, or I should say, "tried"? Whether or not you’ve tried, you are in the right place.

If you are still trying to produce such a newsletter, STOP! I am going to show you how to get your life back. You will find relief from the pain in the neck of producing an on-time, morale-boosting, employee wellness, and stress management newsletter.

First, a quick story: I was given the task of producing a monthly two-page newsletter for 7,000 employees of Arlington County Government and Schools where I used to work. The goal was to excite them and have articles in it that would boost their productivity.

I learned how to write many years ago, but there was one big problem: Writing such a newsletter consumed so much of my time that I couldn’t get my other work done.

Other counselors had to see my employee-clients while I secluded myself each month producing a newsletter.

It was no fun. Every month I was bogged down.

My solution was FrontLine Employee. I wrote it on my own time, gave it to my employer, and started offering it as a solution to companies like yours at a great price. The rest is history. That was seven years ago. Today more than four million employees read FrontLine Employee each month. And many also get FrontLine Employee in Spanish!

The Arlington County government and public schools still get FrontLine Employee and thousands of other companies do too.

And here's why...
  • It’s their “own” newsletter.
  • It’s received on time.
  • It is easily and completely editable!
  • It’s ready to distribute.
  • They can insert their own articles and pictures.
  • They can make as many copies as they want for employees.
  • They can create a PDF and e-mail it internally.
  • They can put it on their Web site with a password.
  • They can use the text from articles any way they wish, even in other publications they produce in-house.
Relax—the Deadlines, Hassles, and Rushing Around Are Over
As you might guess, the renewal rate for FrontLine Employee is phenomenal at over 90%. That's because I have taken the pain out of newsletters. After all, who wants their pain back?

And that’s what I promise to do for you. Everything you see above is yours with FrontLine Employee. But there is more, so keep reading ...

Here's where the real relief comes from...

Each month, FrontLine Employee. comes as an e-mail attachment. There is no Web site password nonsense. You don't have to "log in" to my Web site.

FrontLine Employee arrives about 7-10 days before the first of the month. You can relax, because you will have plenty of time to distribute it. I will also send a hard copy for your records as a reminder to look for the e-mail.

Anytime, after you subscribe, you can ask to have a special name for your newsletter and have me add your logo to it--FREE.

Just e-mail me the name you chose and your logo. I will set it up without charging you a cent, and then you will have it ready to copy and paste into the new issue sent to you each month. Here's an example: click here.
Here's More Good Stuff
Your newsletter is sent to you in your choice of a PDF, Microsoft Publisher®, the text of the articles in MS Word, or the option of a specially prepared PDF with your logo and company information already on it. MS Publisher is easy to use if you want to make any changes or add your own articles! It's simple stuff. So simple, I will talk with you by phone and show you how to use it in less than five minutes if you have any questions. If you don't have MS Publisher, it's half off at Amazon.com. I use MS Publisher 2000! You don't need the bells and whistles of an expensive later version.

This program is the most popular desktop publishing program on the planet and part of the Microsoft Office programs. You probably have it on your computer right now.

You will be able to edit the FrontLine Employee if you want, but you don’t have to. You don’t have to do a thing. It is ready to use.

Here’s the key point: Everything — text, graphics, pictures, even the name of the publication — is subject to change by you!

It’s two pages, not four. That’s because I also discovered along the way that employees don’t read four-page newsletters! They are too long for employees to maintain focus.

If you are ready to order FrontLine Employee, click here; otherwise, keep reading. There is more exciting news!
Employees Enjoy FrontLine Employee as New Benefit
FrontLine Employee gets completely read and employees talk about the articles at the water cooler!

I use my experience as a licensed clinical social worker and certified employee assistance professional to generate powerful and meaningful content.

For example, I include no trivia, recipes, pulled quotes, long-winded articles, or space-filling cartoons.

You will get short, powerful, meaningful, punchy, easy-to-read articles that help employees, reduce risk in your workplace, and have a positive effect on morale.

But there is still more.
I Write from Experience—Lots of It
Who am I, and why should you trust me to author a newsletter that your employees will read?

Of course, the simple answer is that millions of employees read what I write, and have been doing so for nearly 14 years. If you Google "FrontLine Employee," you will see many companies using my newsletter--pages of them.

But here's my experience: For 30 years I have specialized in helping resolve workplace problems and helping employees be happy, healthy, and productive.

I have worked in white-collar and blue-collar industries and directed several large employee counseling offices. I got my start at age 24 when I was hired by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency to be a counselor in their new Agency Alcohol Program in 1978. (Actually, that is also where I learned to write.)

Since then, I have worked with violent employees, harassment cases of all types, alcoholic and drug-addicted workers, as well as the aftermath of sudden death in the workplace, critical incidents, and terrorism.

I have been a faculty instructor and mentor of other professionals, and I have published academically. I have worked with the chronically mentally ill. I have been a private psychotherapist, a director of a 25-bed adolescent substance abuse program, and an expert witness in many court cases dealing with child custody, violent offenders, and related crimes.

As you can see, you can take my experience and dedication as a guarantee that I will work hard for you.
Bulls-Eye! Articles Are Exactly What Employees (and Management) Want!
During the year, the content of FrontLine Employee focuses on 12 major topics, shown below, that I have uniquely identified from my experience as key to business and employee productivity:
  1. Improving Coworker Relationships
  2. Increasing Worker Productivity
  3. Balancing Work, Family, Home, and Community
  4. Improving Personal Fitness
  5. Personal Effectiveness and Goal Achievement
  6. Team Building
  7. Health Education
  8. Hot Work-Life Topics in the News
  9. Stress Management Tips
  10. Improving the Relationship with Your Supervisor
  11. Workplace Safety and Injury Prevention
  12. Customer Service
Here's How to Boost Your Investment
At my main Web site, www.WorkExcel.com, there is a “subscriber’s input 'Hot Line'” button. By using it, you can submit ideas for topics that you would like me to consider — topics that reflect key concerns in your workplace.

These suggestions and requests get strong consideration in my article lineup. I want your ideas, because if they are important to you, then other companies probably have the same concerns. What better way to meet your needs?

For example:

  • If your company is facing downsizing and employees are worried about it, I will write an article about coping with uncertainty and facing the future of potential job loss.

  • If a spouse of one of your employees dies and employees are unsure how to approach their coworker, let me know. I will try to include an article soon that discusses what to say to a coworker who has lost a family member.

  • If there is negativity among employees, I will suggest ways to create a more positive workplace and help employees get along better with others.
I Am Here for You, Not Just to Sell a Newsletter
When you subscribe to FrontLine Employee, I am only a toll-free phone call away. I will help you make the most of your new newsletter, answer questions, and give you tips if you need them. I love talking to my subscribers, and my phone is answered 24 hours a day.

You can always call me at 1-800-626-4327 and leave a message. I will call you back as soon as possible.
Do You Just Need the Articles?
If you already have a newsletter and have been pulling your hair out looking for content to put in it, you have my permission to use FrontLine Employee articles in your existing newsletter. I will send the text in MS Word. You don’t have to worry anymore about finding great articles.

I know you are impressed with what I have said so far, but here is the real kicker: You can e-mail me any month if you want a replacement article for your newsletter. Perhaps you need a different article on a certain subject. Just ask—I might have what you need. After all, I have written over 1,500 articles among my newsletters. You will only need to paste it in after receiving it.
If you order your paid subscription to FrontLine Employee today, I will send you a free Web-based stress management course for your employees. It’s yours to put on your Web site or just pass around on the CD. It plays automatically and is easy to use or install.

This Web course will inspire your employees, reduce stress, help reduce conflict and negativity, and improve health. You can launch this Web course and see a small part of it --

I normally sell this web course to counseling agencies such as employee assistance programs for $595, but it’s yours free when you order your subscription by the date shown above and below.

Keep this program, even if you cancel your subscription later. It’s my gift to you for trusting me to help your company.
100% "To-the-Last-Issue" Refund Guarantee
I guarantee that your employees will love FrontLine Employee starting with the first issue. If you honestly believe that FrontLine Employee is not everything I promise, or if for any reason you want to cancel, just let me know. I will return 100% of the price you paid for your subscription, even if you are on your last issue no questions asked.

Once you see what FrontLine Employee can do for your employees and your organization, I believe that you will never cancel.

Subscribe today. FrontLine Employee is as low as $495 a year—about $1.91 a day—with an annual subscription--or lower depending on your organization's size. Now is a great time to introduce a newsletter, and you will be all set as the year continues on. You’ll feel great getting this project off your mind and your employees will thank you.

Let's face it. All employees of every company deserve at least a great work-life newsletter from their employer because of how hard they work.

And just imagine what one helpful article might do for one of your employees suffering in quiet desperation.

Remember, if you honestly believe that FrontLine Employee does not thrill you and contribute to the type of improved morale and increased energy you want from your employees, then I will instantly refund 100% of the entire amount you paid for your subscription, even if you have reached the final issue.

No ifs, ands, or buts.

Yours truly,
Daniel A. Feerst, LISW-CP, CEAP
Licensed Independent Social Worker
Certified Employee Assistance Professional
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