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Unconditionally guaranteed to increase supervisors referrals to the EAP. This is a simple, powerful tool for EAPs. It helps supervisors understand how to use the EAP and helps reduce risk by increasing the likelihood that troubled employees will be referred to the EAP. Every EAP should have it, hands down. It has been called the "missing link" to an effective EAP. We are in our 15th year of publishing it, and for one good reason--it works.

If you know anything about Employee Assistance Programs, you know they were inspired primarily as a way to help troubled employees, especially those with alcohol problems who would only go to the EAP by way of a supervisor referral because of performance problems. BUT...

Unfortunately, over the past 15 years, many uninformed helping professionals, managed care providers, and benefits consultants have promoted EAPs as an employee "benefit". EAPs are were never meant to be "benefit" programs in the typical sense, but this promotion has taken the focus off of their powerful and original role as productivity tools both to salvage workers and protect organizations.

As a result, increased risk has returned to organizations from fewer and fewer supervisor referrals of troubled employees. Little training of supervisors may take place, and FrontLine Supervisor is filling the gap in thousands of companies nationwide.

FrontLine Supervisor increases supervisor referrals to EAPs, helps save EAPs from closure, and reduces behavioral risk exposures to employers by increasing supervisor referrals of the most troubled employees.

Most supervisors know nothing about how EAPs can be powerful tools to reduce their stress by way of the classic "formal supervisor referral" to the EAP and how to make use of it. Without this understanding, business risks increase, even as you save money on mental health benefits.

FrontLine Supervisor newsletter educates, trains, and helps supervisors in dealing with troubled employees. It explains how to use the organization's employee assistance program (EAP) as a positive tool in the supervision relationship, how to improve employee productivity and morale, and how to boost team-oriented thinking.

With over 800 Q & A articles on the supervisor's role in managing employees, FrontLine Supervisor is possibly America's most widely read monthly publication with thousands of supervisors reading it monthly.

Supervisor Training the Easy Way! With FrontLine Supervisor you get unlimited reproduction from one master copy sent to you electronically in MS Word, MS Publisher, PDF, customized/logo PDF, or text-only in MS Word. Approve or edit copy for your managers or supervisors. Then simply print or E-mail the two-page newsletter to all managers/supervisors in your organization or the organizations you serve as an EAP provider. Space is provided in all formats for your EAP name, phone #, etc. Then sit back and watch the response. You will be amazed.

Rest Assured, Thousands of Companies Get It. Thousands of companies, and over hundred thousand supervisors read FrontLine Supervisor each month. In fact all the supervisors in at least four states get it. Some of our subscribers have renewed for 14 years in a row. Why? It's because this works and is the most widely circulated, monthly supervisor skills education newsletter ever published in America.

Are You an Expert? Good! Here is the secret of FrontLine Supervisor's success: You have our permission to edit FrontLine Supervisor so it works with your audience of supervisors. Add, change, delete, or use the newsletter "as is". That means FrontLine Supervisor is ready to go the very second you get it, or you can add your own content and ideas to address the concerns faced by your orgranization.

All the Details Are Taken Care of for You. Allow us to arrange your logo and artwork on your newsletter at no additional charge. See Example. Later, just copy and paste the graphic, or let us send it to you ready-to-use format as a PDF each month with your logo on it. You do it, or we do it. Either way, watch referrals increase and behavioral risk exposures drop. You get the credit while you build better relationships for you with management continually learning more about the EAP and how to use it effectively.

Never Sweat Deadlines. It's never been late--not once, ever. It comes early, and you will always get it out ahead of time. There's no rushing with newsletters. No lost sleep over deadlines, and no ruined weekends worrying about writing something on your own. No dread.

Get a Bigger, Better Discount! Want real power? Get FrontLine Employee, too--the matching publication for the entire workforce. It has the same power and drives employees to get help for personal problems from your EAP. Call 1-800-626-4327 and get $100 credit for the first year when you subscribe to both at the same time.

Your EAP Will Finally Be Complete! FrontLine Supervisor has been called the "missing link" to making EAPs more effective and valuable. Here is a summary of the features and benefits.

Features and Benefits:

  • Editable, reproducible, "e-mail-able", and Web site usable (with password.)
  • Does not substitute for, or conflict with any organization's HR mission or guidance to supervisors
  • Reduces supervisor mistakes and missteps in managing employees
  • Makes any EAP a powerful loss prevention program
  • Keeps the EAP in front of supervisors so they use it effectively
  • Teaches supervision skills continuously

 Some of the Topics Included in FrontLine Supervisor

  • absenteeism issues and absenteeism management
  • how to improve documentation, observation, constructive confrontation, and referral of employees
  • tips for being a good supervisor
  • the role of the supervisor in dealing with troubled employees
  • alcohol and drug abuse issues and related signs and symptoms
  • avoiding emotional entanglement and manipulation
  • modeling appropriate behavior as a supervisor
  • anger management and conflict management
  • follow-up skills and monitoring troubled
  • motivating employees and understanding motivational buttons
  • effectively communicating with upper management
  • improving morale
  • tips on evaluating performance (all year long)
  • dealing with difficult employees and unusual situations
  • how to use the EAP as a consultant not an advisor.
  • cool resources, news, and more...
Manager Skills and Supervisor Training
EAP & Manager Skills Newsletter
Manager Skills and Supervisor Training
EAP & Manager Skills Newsletter
Supervisor Newsletter
The "Missing Link" to a World Class EAP


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"Since July, 1998, I have distributed (via e-mail) The FrontLine Supervisor to my management clients. I have received much positive feedback and I remain impressed with the information's accuracy and applicability regardless of the type of business or clientele served. I commend this newsletter for your consideration."
David G. Wertz, Psy.D
Licensed Psychologist
EAP Coordinator

"Thanks for making the FS switch to an e-version for us. It has really improved our ability, and our customers' ability to distribute the FS. We get regular feedback from our customers about how much they like the FS."
Catherine Bruns, Director
Hawaii Employee Assistance Services

"Thanks [for your newsletter], I can't tell you how much our client companies appreciate what you are writing. Always a big hit with managers we work with and very helpful for them! Keep up the good work."
David Worster, Director
NH EAP Collaborative
Concord, NH

"Every month I tell my clients ...'this is particularly good issue' and every month it truly is!" This is a great resource. Thank you so much."
Elizabeth Robinson, LMFT, CEAP, Manager, Employee Assistance Program
Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Univiersity of Connecticut Health Center
Farmington, CT

"I distribute THE FRONTLINE SUPERVISOR to all my contracts every month. It has helped me stay in touch with the supervisors and has increased referrals to our program."
Barry Wyrich
Employee Alternatives,The Stevens Center
Carlisle, PA

"The FrontLine Supervisor is like putting out my own newsletter without any of the headaches."
Ted Walker
Walker Northwest EAP
Portland, OR

"The U.S. Coast Guard is an 'operational service'. My supervisors can read THE FRONTLINE SUPERVISOR in 10 minutes. They learn how to keep their people working at full throttle!"
Jody Burcham
EAP Coordinator, U.S. Coast Guard
Kodiak, AK

"THE FRONTLINE SUPERVISOR is an excellent resource for the EAP's that BHA provides."
Ginny Kich, Manager of Behavioral Health
Behavioral Health Advantages, Inc.
Peoria, IL

THE FRONTLINE SUPERVISOR has been an added asset to our company - I'm told most supervisors look forward to receiving it every month."
Bill Walker, President
Recovery EAP & Consulting

"Our clients find THE FRONTLINE SUPERVISOR to be an excellent source of timely, concise, and valuable information - keep it coming!"
Joseph Lemmon, LCSW-C, CEAP, President
The JSL Consulting Group

"...We distribute THE FRONTLINE SUPERVISOR monthly under our own letterhead and have had numerous calls of appreciation for this added service."
Mark Derbyshire, Director
Carilion EAP
Roanoke, VA

"This is the most employee assistance appropriate newsletter I have ever seen. Thank you for a job well done."
Barbara Sheffield
EAP Program Director
Santa Barbara, CA

"Keep up the good work! THE FRONTLINE SUPERVISOR answers the questions our customers never knew they had!"
Adriane Scherrer, Ex. Director
Partnership EAP, Inc.
Middletown, OH

"Well prepared...and so appropriately presented for expanding the supervisor's knowledge of the broader application of EAP principles."
Floyd L. Hansen, Ex. Director
Witchita, KS

"My supervisors look forward to receiving their copy of THE FRONTLINE SUPERVISOR and they make copies for their second line supervisors. The articles are timely, concise, and appropriate!"
Joy Janssen, Program Director
Santa Barbara, CA

"THE FRONTLINE SUPERVISOR is our most effective tool for helping managers and supervisors in our client companies. They tell me they keep each issue and refer back to them."
Ted Larrison, LCSW, CEAP, EAP Manager
Southern Hills Counseling Center
Jasper, IN

"(DFA's Alcohol & Other Drugs At Work) training program along with THE FRONTLINE SUPERVISOR makes our EAP program unique and provides consistent ongoing information to client companies and our EAP counselors."
Gil Garcia, Executive Director
Concerned Associates
Menominee, MI

"A supervisor who is not well informed on the rules of work is a ticking time bomb in the workplace. THE FRONTLINE SUPERVISOR is an excellent resource for keeping supervisors informed on the limitations placed on their workplace behavior and utterances."
Dick Bickerton, Founder, EAP Resource Center
International Employee Assistance Professionals Association
Arlington, VA

"I think THE FRONTLINE SUPERVISOR is an excellent idea."
K.M., Manager
(Midwest Desk Manufacturing Company)

"THE FRONTLINE SUPERVISOR puts managers in touch with what's going on with difficult employees."
Cornell Fuller, EAP Coordinator
Proctor & Gamble Co.

"Neat Q & A format - very relevant for workplace leadership!"
Andy Visser, CEO
Connections, Inc.
Rock Valley, IA

"THE FRONTLINE SUPERVISOR has been an effective tool for us in developing materials for supervisors."
Beth Gilley, Excutive Vice President
Employee Assistance Service, Inc.
McLean, VA

"...a terrific way to connect with supervisors and reinforce EAP concepts and to share relevant worplace information!"
Bill Weant, Coordinator EAPs,
Tri-County Mental Health Center
Salisbury, NC

"We currently use 'The FrontLine Supervisor' and it is very popular with our corporate clients. Thanks for a great publication!"
Barbara Hatfield
Partnership, EAP, Inc.
Middletown, OH

"Thank you again for providing this wonderful service. I have been extremely pleased and impressed with the support and information received."
Dr. Nancy Gup
Gup & Associates, Inc.
Atlanta, GA

"Thanks for making the FS switch to an e-version for us. It has really improved our ability, and our customers' ability to distribute the FS. We get regular feedback from our customers about how much they like the FS."
Catherine Bruns, Director,
Hawaii Employee Assistance Services