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Sleep, Productivity, and You
Reproducible - Editable - Copy and Use for Your Employees

I hope your employees find this new tip sheet meaningful. Download the MS Publisher, PDF, and MS Word/Graphic version. Click here for the document zip package for this workplace wellness tip sheet or click the image Click for .zip Packageshown.

PDF Only
If your work organization (e.g., Army or some organization with sensitive security features only allow the pdf, and now ".zip" downloads, click here for the wellness tip sheet in PDF only.

As usual, this tip sheet is editable and reproducible, and you can use it for your employees or the employees of your business customers. Please retain the copyright at the bottom of the tip sheet.

In the download is the WorkExcel.com catalog of tip sheets -- all 108 for purchase. Be sure to check it out.

Daniel Feerst, LISW-CP, Publisher


Daniel A. Feerst, LISW-CP, Publisher

WorkExcel.com, 1-800-626-4327

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