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 A. Message Only
 B. Newsletter Trial Follow Up
 C. Product Previewed Follow Up
 D. Product Purchased Follow-up
 E. Add to Excel Spreadsheet
 F. Make Back Link to
 G. Article Market this Article
 H. Post Blog Note: EAP
 I. Post Blog Note: Supervisor
 J. Post Blog Note Newsletters
 K. Offer Form 017 and Catalog
 L. $150 30 Day Coupon & Follow
 M. $150-15 Day Coupon & Follow
 N. Create "Linked Pages" Group
 O. Create and Post YouTube Video
 P. Email Past Customer. Say hello, ask needs.
 Q. Remind me about this
 R. Find out if renewing newsletter
 S. Payment Overdue. Need Response.
 T. Send Catalog Page AND 40% COUPON
 U. Send Catalog Link
 V. Follow Up: Catalog & Coupon Sent
 X. Purchase Reminder
 Y. Offer this product with 10% off.
 Z. 0 Days from Now Upsell
 AA. 5 Days from Now Upsell
 BB. 14 days from now upsell
 CC. 30 Days from now upsell
 DD. Very Long Time Ago Follow-up
 EE. Newsletter Trial End
 FF. Preview Returned. Don't Want.
 HH. Remind Me In Future
 II. Delete from Excel
 JJ. Tell Me What's Up with This
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