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What These Videos/Products Do

These products allow employees to access topical information directly from your Web site with a message in the educational program at the end which encourages the viewer to seek help from the EAP or learn more from the EAP. Multiple available formats B, C, D, E, F permit dissemination of content in the most appropriate and effective way for your audience.

These videos allow your program to offer a new service, demonstrate that you are on top of key issues, and permit employees, who may be hesitant about contacting the EAP, to do so anonymously. This increases the likelihood that they will phone the EAP, possibly for the first time.

These videos also increase EAP utilization, visibility, and they improve the cost-benefit of your Web site making it interactive while improving recognition and visibility for your overall program. If you are an external provider,you can a competitive advantage with your ability to offer more substantive help to corporate customers.

Each purchase includes BOTH Flash video files or FLV movie files and an auto-play CD. With the PowerPoint format, sound is included. PowerPoint programs can be edited and sound can be turned off for an instructor lead presentation.

Upon purchase, product is owned, not leased or billed with additional charges. This is a cost-effective way to have Flash educational content on your Web site permanently without subscribing to an expensive third party service.

Product Promises
  • Improved program visibility and recognition
  • Cost-beneficial service
  • Higher EAP utilization
  • A new profit center if you are an EAP service provider
  • An ability to reach resistant employees and even family members.
  •  Improved program value
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